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OTR driver

Job Summary: The primary function of the Over the Road Driver is to operate various tractor-trailer combinations for extended periods of time, over long distances between company/customer facilities, terminals, yards or work sites in order to pick up, transport and deliver freight in a safe, timely and efficient manner. As part of this function, Over the Road drivers drop, hook, spot or otherwise interchange equipment for loading and unloading at various locations under varied conditions. Over the Road Drivers are subject to the Hours and Services Regulations of the United States Department of Transportation. Responsibilities and Tasks: -Drivers must be able to perform all duties in accordance with company policies and procedures and comply with federal, state and local regulations for the secure and safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle. -Understand and carries out instructions given orally and in writing, including those on manifests, bills of lading and other shipping documents to determine the location and time of delivery. -Conducts thorough pre-trip inspection of the equipment assigned as prescribed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the company. Inspect tractor and trailer for defects during and after trips and submit a written report on the condition of the equipment at the end of the trip. -Safely operate tractor trailer equipment in different configurations as assigned, with varying weights as allowed by law, under all types of climatic conditions, terrain, road conditions and traffic situations, in urban or rural settings, for extended periods of time, over long distances, either direct or by way of other immediate points, in accordance with all federal, state and local laws as well as company policy. -Drop, hook, spot, switch and otherwise interchange equipment, including the hooking and unhooking trailers from the tractor itself and the pushing, pulling, placing, lifting and attaching or detaching various types of converter gear if necessary. -Responsible for the proper securement of loadings according to DOT regulations and company policy. Includes chaining, strapping, tarping and being able to lift tarps weighing an average of 75 lbs over the head. -Ensure that all required shipping documentation accompanies all deliveries. Verify all shipping documentation against the load information provided by dispatch. Note in writing any overages, shortages or damage and seal intact when arriving at delivery. -Frequently communicates with Dispatch, in person or telephone in order to advise of movements, problems with equipment, cargo, delays, etc. -Report all accidents or incidents involving driver of company equipment. Be able to provide initial contact with public safety or law enforcement officials and the general public when involved in traffic accidents or hazardous material incidents. Report any moving violations received in both CMW and personal vehicles. -Properly maintains a driver’s log in accordance with FMCSA and company requirements. Report hours of service for precious day to company operations on a daily basis. Properly and efficiently complete all necessary paperwork including inspection reports, manifest, bills of ladings, trip pay reports, trip fuel and mileage reports and any other report or record required by law, or company policy. -Performs roadside inspections as required by the law, various administrative agency regulations and company policy. -Professional communication with persons whom the driver is in contact with as a company representative. -Must be able to work on unforgiving surfaces such as concrete, wood and metal and sometimes on slippery and wet surfaces as may be necessary in loading, handling, securing and unloading and delivering freight. -Must understand and be able to implement safe efficient freight handling and lifting procedures. -Must be able to perform the work required in a timely manner and maintain adequate production in order to meet service schedules. -Must be able to meet all requirements of the Department of Transportation and company policy that may not be listed above.

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