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Commercial Driver

Commercial Driver

Hiring Dump Truck Driver to operate heavy, on-road trucks. Drivers are required to maintain detailed logs on the substance(s) being hauled and their weight, and they must have that information available for inspection at all times. Additionally, drivers are expected to do regular safety checks of their vehicles, in the form of walk-around visual inspections.

Drivers must possess any certification required by the State of South Carolina to operate these heavy vehicles. Drivers must also maintain a clean driving record.

Job Requirements:

  • Current CDL License with minimum of one year experience
  • Must be able to clean inside of truck body even if it requires getting into the back with a shovel to clean          entire area so other loads won’t be contaminated.
  • Understand/acknowledge the SC short haul regulations for Hours of Service of drivers within the 100 air        mile radius. (12 hours per day, no more than 70 hours per 7 days, or 80 hours in 8 days. Must have      minimum of 8 hours off between shifts. Drivers are allowed a one-time exception each week of up      to 16 hours in one day. That day must be logged by a paper log book.)
  • Must brush wash truck once a week. Soaps, brushes, and other chemicals (if needed) will be provided if        the driver asks.
  • Must be able to pre-trip/post-trip for the overall condition of the unit to insure that it is safe for highway            use as well as being safe for the driver to drive. (Check all fluid levels, belts, pulleys, tires, air lines,        hydraulic lines, tarp systems, lights, and motion of the dump body).
  • Pass a drug test
  • Current Medical Card
  • Satisfactory Driving Record
  • Must be able to work days, nights and/or weekends as necessary


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